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Women Finds Weed In Hoode Bought At Chris Brown’s Yard Sale

As reported by TMZ, a woman got really lucky at Chris Brown’s yard sale this week.

While shopping at the sale in Tarzana, CA. on Wednesday, a woman found a pill bottle full of weed in a hoodie pocket she purchased at the residence.

The unidentified woman didn’t notice the pill bottle inside of the “Tumbleweed” brand hoodie labeled “Panda Smoke” until she got home, but it definitely was filled with high-quality weed.

Photo Credit: TMZEven with hundreds of shoppers who turned out for the big event, no other newsworthy events went down at the big sale except a lot of great bargains. Brown’s garage sale offered up some great deals, with customers claiming to have walked away with thousands of dollars worth of clothing and sneakers for less than a fraction of the original cost.

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