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Violator Kush

Violator Kush or also called Violator OG is a Indica dominant descending from a Hindu Kush and a Malana. Barney’s Farm is responsible for this crossing and is available in regular and feminized seeds of this strain. It got very strong earthy, ammonia and gassy traits typical for a kush crossing.

Violator Kush grow short and blooms quickly like most indica dominant strains in 60 days.
It has nice compact buds that make for a great yield and is fairly easy to grow.
Plants stay small and grow wide with big dark green leafs. The sativa pheno of this strain grow a little higher and flowers off in around 75 days.

Violator Kush got amazing a amazing high terpene profile that delivers a wonderful kushy traits. Earthy, woody and ammonia smell and taste will overwhelm you and put you in a relaxing state of mind. Definitely worth trying when kush traits are your thing!

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