Thinking About a Career in Cannabis? Resilience, Creativity and Passion Are Prerequisites

So you want to work in the cannabis business? Here’s how I describe it:

It’s like driving a car while you’re building the car – oh, and the road itself is also being built.

It’s like very little else. Because, as we all know, up until just a few years ago it didn’t exist – not as a legal venture, anyway. Every day is new, and different, and uncharted. But the flip side of that means we’re the ones who have to figure it out as we go along.

This is a business that places tremendous value on people with unrestricted creative thinking. You’ve got to be absolutely comfortable with ambiguity, and able to make a lot of educated assumptions – because real-world data doesn’t exist to the level many would be used to. Sure, we’re compiling more and more of it and analyzing how best to tweak and adjust our approach, but this is not a sector where you can simply default to standard operating procedures – because they’re still being established.

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