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Purple Tangie

General Info

While Purple Tangie is a relatively popular strain, its characteristics make it more favored as a cannabis concentrate than in its raw form. In fact, in 2016 Purple Tangie won the Best Medical Sativa Concentrate at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Delightful flavors of citrus, orange and berry dominant this strain, but the grape under notes of its unknown purple parent is apparent. A 70/30 sativa hybrid, this strain will provide creative euphoria and social energy.

Grow info

Purple Tangie can grow to be an extremely tall variety of cannabis sativa. Growing into the fifth week, these plants will exceed well over six feet at maturity when grown properly. This strain is best suited for soil-based cultivation and not hydroponics. Also produces well in outdoor or vegan grows.

Purple Tangie produces large, resinous buds with a pungent odor of tangerines. These resinous buds are the reason this plant does so well in manufacturing cannabis concentrates.














7-9 weeks

10-12 weeks

12+ weeks


250 – 400 g/m²2

400 – 500 g/m²2

500+ g/m²2




Strain Test

At this moment there isn’t any specific test data available on the purple tangie. When this comes available it will be added to this section of the page.


Perfect for a quick boost of energy whether you’re just waking up, or need a lift from the mid-afternoon lull, Purple Tangie provides a creative boost of energy capable of fighting depression, stress, and fatigue in a single bound.

You can expect a strong sense of mental clarity and focus, which make this a good daytime strain for those who want to medicate without losing motivation and productivity. However, be aware, as most strong Sativas can, Purple Tangie can trip anxiety, as it can cause racing thoughts.

As a sativa-leaning hybrid, Purple Tangie’s effects are generally quite uplifting with a boost of energy to keep you creative, talkative, and happy throughout the day. Like many sativa hybrids, this strain can clear the mind and provide mental sharpness and focus, while helping to stabilize mood. Keep in mind, like all cannabis strains, it can cause dry mouth and dry eyes, but it may also cause headaches in some consumers.

Purple Tangie is the perfect strain for any social outing, whether you’re going to a concert, planning a hike, or just inviting a few friends over for dinner. Adding Purple Tangie to your event can help break the ice, trigger better brainstorming sessions, and help get people talking and mingling.

This strain may also be a good strain to add to your workout regimen, as the mental clarity and focus can help keep your eye on the prize, while the energetic effects can give you the boost of energy you need to power through your next set of reps.


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