Orange Gelato


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Big Caked Fully Matured Buds Caked in Crystals ! The Perfectly Balanced High !

Our Crown Jewel Smoke Experience

THC 25%*

Welcome to Flavour Country !
This American instant Classic is a absolute must have among High end producers. Coming from a lineage of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies this wonderful HYBRID INDICA is simply Heaven.

Upon the inhale your senses are instantly hit with hard with what taste like pistachio lemon and orange. Long after you exhale the beautiful flower your taste buds will be very reminiscent of the unique flavour. It’s high will instantly wash over you giving you that Energetic cerebral feeling then the high blends into a heavy Warm body high with a pulsing relaxation feeling and around and around in that cycle.

*Approximate Values