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More Than 30 Cannabis Plants Found Growing In Flower Beds At The Vermont Statehouse

A police officer inspected the lawn on Monday and found what is believed to be either a hemp or marijuana plant. The chief said they found 34 immature plants that are too young to differentiate.

It’s not too difficult to find out the differences between hemp and marijuana, read our article if you want to find out more.

Further lab testing would be needed to figure out what the plants are, but Romei says the department has no plans to test them because it isn’t pursuing a criminal case.

“We also have no thoughts on why someone would plant it,” the department said. “But if anyone wants to claim it and let us know why they planted it, we are happy to listen.”

Vermont was the first state to legalize recreational cannabis through the legislature as opposed to by ballot in 2018 and legalized medicinal cannabis in 2004.

Adults who are at least 21 are allowed to have up to 1 ounce of marijuana. If you want to grow, you’re not allowed to have more than two mature marijuana plants and four immature marijuana plants, according to state law. A person convicted of breaking these laws can face up to six months of jail time or be fined $500.

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