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Marijuana Entrepreneurs Sue L.A. Over ‘Flawed’ Process for Approving Pot Shops

Cannabis entrepreneurs who want licenses to open new shops in Los Angeles are suing the city, arguing that an application process flooded by hundreds of competitors was “flawed” and unfairly implemented.

The lawsuit, filed this week by the Social Equity Owners and Workers Assn. and one of its members, is pushing for the city to vet every one of the applications turned in under a first-come, first-served process for a limited number of licenses — or to roll out a new process that gives everyone “an equal, fair and transparent opportunity” to compete for a license.

The group filed its suit less than three weeks after a long-awaited audit of the hotly contested process for handing out L.A. licenses for new shops was released.

– Read the entire article at LA Times.

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