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Just Add Oil: Stoney Creek Cannabis Company Develops Creative Sales Model

Earth Kisses Sky sells herbal salve mixtures and its clients add their own cannabis oil at home.

Cannabis topicals just became legal in Canada in October, but that hasn’t stopped two local entrepreneurs from selling their weed-inspired pain and skin salves legally for months. Ashley Short and Tijen Yalchin — partners in business and life for more than a decade — have spent the past year building a devoted clientele willing to buy the herbal mixtures without cannabis and add their own at home.

“We weren’t anticipating it to do so well, we just wanted to train our customers and introduce people to our product,” Yalchin, 36, told The Spectator.

Now, the Stoney Creek-based home business is making between $5,000 and $8,000 per month in sales, and interviewing licensed cannabis producers (LPs) to partner on producing versions with weed inside.

– Read the entire article at Cambridge Times.

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