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How To Cultivate Your Own Cannabis With This Gardener’s Pro Tips

Backyard gardening has bloomed as coronavirus has forced us to stay home since the start of growing season this year. As Charlotte Mendelson wrote in April for the New Yorker, “There is no balm to the soul greater than planting seeds.”

I’ve self-soothed outside this summer tending to a plot in my community garden; and inside, watching more gardening shows than I ever thought were consumable. “Martha Knows Best” on HGTV is a brilliant extension of the lifestyle icon’s own dreamy, day-in-the-life account of quarantine on Instagram.

While Martha Stewart doesn’t cultivate cannabis (that we know of, at least) on her farm in Bedford, New York, she has given her stamp of approval on an all-encompassing handbook, Growing Weed in the Garden.

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