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How to Clean Your Marijuana Gear Without Using Rubbing Alcohol

The coronavirus has created a shortage of many cleaning products, including rubbing alcohol. Here’s how you can effectively clean your bongs and pipes without it.

The pandemic has affected the production of a variety of disinfectants, from hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes, to the latest product in short supply: rubbing alcohol. These items, intended to clean surfaces, heal cuts and disinfect all sorts of areas of your home, are in high demand during the pandemic for obvious reasons. But sometimes you need rubbing alcohol for more mundane and non-related COVID-19 activities, like making sure your bong is clean and your hits don’t taste strange.

Luckily for you, there’s lots of ways to clean your marijuana gear. As always, the best way to prevent the build up of gunk on your expensive smoke pieces is to clean them regularly and to never use products that may harm the materials in them or your health. Here are three cheap and easy ways to do it.

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