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Greenisland Cannabis Solutions Helps People Who Want to Grow Their Own Medical Marijuana

Ashley Harnden and her husband, Shawn Harnden, have gone through all the ups and downs growing their own medical cannabis.
Now, the P.E.I. couple is passing on expertise to help Islanders with the process of growing their own medical cannabis at home – from getting a licence to buying the seeds to a finished plant.

“We’re Islanders. We’re cannabis enthusiasts. We’re medical cannabis users because of some health struggles that we’ve had along the way. And, we’re long-term growers with 30-plus years experience,” said Ashley, who owns and opened GreenIsland Cannabis Solutions on Water Street in Charlottetown to offer consultation and mentorship in a variety of cannabis-growing services.

These services include setting up an online medical appointment with a nurse practitioner to access medical cannabis, connecting licenced growers with the right seed producer and filling out the 11-page application with Health Canada to grow more than four plants of medical cannabis at home.

– Read the entire article at The Telegram.

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