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Fighting the ‘Stoner Stigma’ as a Medical Cannabis Patient

Years ago, I started using cannabis to help regulate my pain. The patient-demonizing “War on Opiates” was just getting started, and filling my valid prescription was becoming harder and harder. Fast forward a few months, and I had completely weaned off 60 mg oxymorphone and 30 mg oxycodone daily.

After about three months of using cannabis consistently, I randomly noticed I was healing faster and able to do more. My inflammation markers were nonexistent, and after 18 months of unresponsiveness to a prescription biologic rheumatoid arthritis medication, it magically started working better. At the time, I had no idea that autoimmune and inflammatory diseases were some of the bigger responders to cannabinoid therapy.

Upon further research I found studies like this one from GW Pharmaceuticals which claim, “In the first ever controlled trial of a CBM in RA, a significant analgesic effect was observed, and disease activity was significantly suppressed following Sativex treatment.” Sativex is a 1:1 THC:CBD pharmaceutical tincture. At that point the light bulb came on and I realized the combination of cannabis and my biologic were most likely working in harmony.

– Read the entire article at Yahoo News.

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