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Cannabis Apps Are at Your Fingertips

People use their smart phones to track just about everything – health, banking, grocery lists – so why not cannabis? There are a growing number of cannabis-focused phone apps available, delivering news items, strain reviews, locations of shops, and even weed-themed games.

Leafly, the largest online cannabis resource, was founded as a website in 2010. Its app lets users explore shops near them, what strains are selling well and what sales are in progress. What began as a resource for the medical marijuana community has expanded to a thorough database of strain information, as well as a go-to cannabis news source.

Another popular app is WeedMaps, which also focuses on education and connecting consumers to shops. The app includes general cannabis knowledge as well as a massive review and social network. There’s plenty of information and tools to find cannabis brands, plus delivery services, shops, sales and medical authorization opportunities in the area.

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