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5 of the Most Cash-Rich Cannabis Stocks

Over the long run, the marijuana industry is expected to show a lot of promise. Various Wall Street forecasts suggest that worldwide legal weed sales can grow from $10.9 billion in 2018 to anywhere between $50 billion and $200 billion in about a decade’s time. That’s growth that Wall Street and investors would be foolish (with a small “f”) to overlook.

But the thing is, all next-big-thing investments need time to mature and find their footing. That’s where the legal cannabis industry is right now. Despite a long runway to grow sales throughout North America, and eventually the world, supply issues in Canada, along with high tax rates and a persistent black market in the U.S., have stymied sales growth. In many instances, cannabis stocks are losing money, and that could continue throughout most of 2020.

In order for pot stocks to thrive over the long run, they’re going to need a healthy cash pile in the interim to offset aggressive spending and losses. Based on their most recent quarterly reports, the following five marijuana stocks are among the most cash-rich in the industry.

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